Physics is among the most dreaded subjects due to its extensive syllabus and complex concepts. One might think physics is too big a subject to cover in a night. It is possible to cover the whole syllabus in a night, and the best preparation comes from looking at the bigger picture.

In general, the syllabus is covered pretty thoroughly in the exams. You can touch on a few dots in each question, sometimes overlapping a bit. Do some practice questions. When you review past papers, you’ll be surprised at how much content is covered in just one or two of them.

When you practice, don’t write complete answers. It would help if you did not write long essays instead of concise physics explanations. Ask questions based on math or calculation since they are easy marks if you can demonstrate a clear understanding. It would be best to do these questions the night before your exam to warm up your brain. You can also take expert help and ask an expert to Take My Exam Online and let them handle all the burden for you. With ProctoredExamOnline, students from all over the world feel comfortable. It is simple: we only allow our students to work with the best experts in the world. We train them according to each student’s requirements so that every student feels special.

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How Important is it to Spend More Time on The Dots or The Content?

The syllabus is all you need. You can’t just learn the points without knowing what’s underneath them.  However, you’re likely already familiar with the content by this point.

Looking at the syllabus requirements, you can trigger your memory of what content falls under each subject. It’s like those ‘look-cover-write-check’ things you did in primary school. 

The annual exams are just a few months away, so here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare for the Physics exam.

Understand What You Should Study

For your syllabus, always refer to your textbook. You must be aware of the chapters on your syllabus and familiarize yourself with them.

Be familiar with the weighting of each unit in the syllabus. Those units with more marks in the syllabus should be given more attention.

Also, it is not necessary to look beyond the syllabus to find out how you are doing. It would be a waste of your time and would not count.

Make Sure That You Have Your Fundamentals in Order

Getting started is an essential step. As far as the theory portion is concerned, make sure you grasp the fundamental concepts. 

The questions and problems in the test are likely to be difficult to answer unless you have a thorough understanding of the theory. Make sure that you go through the examples in the textbook multiple times.

It is Essential To Check The Formulas And Derivations.

Focus on conceptual clarity rather than memorizing formulas and derivations. Make sure you understand the derivation patterns and practice the questions based on them. By doing this, you will be able to remember them for longer.

If you enjoy solving numerical problems, you should devote more time to chapters like Electric charge and fields, Electrostatic potential and capacitance, and Current electricity.

Don’t Just Focus On The Numbers

Contrary to mathematics, physics goes beyond numbers. Numerous theoretical chapters also hold significant weight. When it comes to numerical, it is essential to prepare them wisely. Ensure that you pay attention to the theoretical aspects of the course. Several topics such as Communication, Electromagnetic waves, Atoms, Nuclei, and Wave Optics are purely theoretical and can fetch good marks if studied well. The theory includes galvanometers, cyclotrons, potentiometers, transformers, meter bridges, and AC generators.

Do Not Overlook The Importance of Graphical Questions

A mandatory drawing question is in the Physics paper. In the form of either a graph or a device. To score full marks on this question, students must not neglect to emphasize the key features of the diagram. It is a valuable tip, especially for those who are reluctant to deal with numbers.

Notes That You Make Yourself

Make sure you prepare your notes in advance. Take notes in your home language on everything you study. You will retain things for a long time if you understand them and write them down in your handwriting.

Therefore, note all formulas, theories, charts, and derivations. At the end of each chapter, use flashcards or sticky note sheets to keep track of everything. These will come in handy when revising at the last minute.

Look at The Situation From a New Perspective

Create visual cues for complex topics and place them throughout your study area so that you can easily locate them. Create flashcards, draw diagrams and stick them on the wall, or hang graphs near your bed or anywhere you will see it frequently.

Visual cues like these create a strong connection in mind and help you remember things.

Practice and Revise Your Work

Over the past year, all you have learned boils down to efficient revision and time-bound practice. When you revise a chapter, you have a greater chance of understanding and retaining it.

Practicing helps build solid conceptual foundations and greater accuracy in answering questions. For this reason, you should solve sample papers and previous years’ papers. Every week you should attempt one full syllabus paper test and have it reviewed by your teacher/mentor/guide.

Consider This Advice if You Have a Physics Test Tomorrow:

  • Look over the syllabus the night before to ensure you have a good grasp of everything. Do some practice questions as a warm-up.
  • Stay calm and keep the intensity of your study low on the day of the test.
  • Keep an eye on the clock during the exam: even in black holes (like your exam), time passes.

A well-structured study plan holds the key to acing the board exam in physics, no matter the syllabus. You will benefit significantly from devising and following a well-thought-out strategy. Finally, try not to get too stressed out during the board examinations and sleep well.

Author: Admin

April 4, 2022


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